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Obagi Skincare

March 2, 2018 - YorkshireHA

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Dr Zein Obagi founded Obagi Skincare in 1988 and has since been an award winning medical skincare system.

Skincare is seen differently at Yorkshire Health and Aesthetics. It’s not like makeup or trying a different hairstyle which is why it is important before choosing any skincare products is to learn about your skin type and its current health. By going to a medically trained professional not only will they be able to assess the condition of your skin but also be recommended the most effective products.

The reason for Obagi’s popularity with dermatologists and skincare specialists is that it uses a high grade of ingredients where some products can only be prescribed by a medical practitioner. This means the products have been clinically tested to show their effectiveness and quality. The skincare range incorporates a in-clinic treatments with at home skincare system to give you healthy glowing skin. It can help treat acne, hyper pigmentation, sun damage, melasma and dryness of the skin. It’s uniqueness is that it is suitable for everyone no matter where you sit on the Fitzpatrick Scale.

OBagi Nu-Derm

NuDerm range is seen as signature Obagi range which is amazing at treating hyperpigmentation (including dark age spots) as well as fine lines and wrinkles. The NuDerm range contains prescription strength ingredients such as 4% hydroquinone to target pigmentation irregularities and retinoi to increase the rate of turnover of your skin cells and target skin health from within the cell. This is available in varying concentrations and the appropriate one will be selected for you during a consultation.

A treatment programme will be chosen depending on your needs where you will experience four phases as you undergo transformation to a more healthy and younger-looking appearance. The length of time will vary for each individual as it is based upon patient’s age, skin type, amount of damage and daily compliance.

Phase 1- Out with the Old
The Obagi system will penetrates the deepest layer of skin to correct the signs of ageing on a cellular level. This will reduce the appearance of freckles, age spots and uneven dark patches. During this penetration phase your skin may appear red, feel dry and flaky and temporarily make acne and wrinkles worse. These reactions are normal and lasts around 6 weeks.

Phase 2- In with the New
As treatment continues it will stimulate normal healthy skin cells to move to the skin’s surface faster, even distribution of melanin cells and increase collagen and elastin production. This phase helps reduction of wrinkle, further fading of freckles and dark spot as well as tightening of pores. During this phase as your skin begins to tolerate the products redness and flaking will reduce and your skin will look and feel improved.

Phase 3- Healthy Glow
At this point your skin cells are in the process of transforming and receiving an increased supply of nutrients. There is new healthy and strong collagen and elastin being produced giving your skin a smooth, naturally hydrated, evenly coloured and more resilient appearence.

Phase 4- The New You

Enjoy beautiful skin but continue to integrate Nu-derm into your skincare.

Obagi Blue Peel Radience

This light chemical peel in-clinic treatment is perfect to reveal your radiant skin faster as it combines of alpha and beta hydroxy acids that will exfoliate your skin. The peel is removed and a Vitamin C serum and sunscreen applied to protect your skin. The Blue Peel Radiance is excellent as a course of five to reveal younger, healthier skin. Fitzpatrick Skin Types IV-VI will need preparation with the NuDerm system prior to the Blue Peel Radiance.


We sell a wide range of Obagi products in the clinic.

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