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Jawline Contouring

January 31, 2018 - YorkshireHA

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The procedure of jawline contouring has started to become very popular in the last year. As we age the lower face starts to sag, this is prominent around the mouth  forming jowls giving the jaw a square shape. The bone in the mandible (chin area) also recedes which can further reduce the contour of the chin.


The Procedure 

At Yorkshire Health and Aesthetics, a two step process is recommended as this is the most effective way of contouring the jawline. This consists of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers.

Injecting botulinum toxin in the masseter muscle weakens the muscle causing it to de-bulk and reduce the lower face width. Around 50 units is needed to inject on both sides of the face. It will be injected into the masseter in several points. It is a simple technique with few side effects and little recovery time where normal activities can be resumed straight away. Results are seen in 10-24 days and can last 8-12 months. Ice can be used to reduce any discomfort and bruising. Headaches and teeth grinding can also be reduced by this treatment. This treatment costs £240.

Administering dermal filler can significantly improve the contour of the jawline. At Yorkshire Health and Aesthetics in Bradford the dermal filler of choice is RADIESSE. This dermal filler consists of calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres which are suspended in a soft gel matrix. Radiesse not only provide immediate volume and correction but it helps stimulate the skin to start producing collagen. By carefully placing the filler immediate results can be seen. Usually 1.5ml of Radiesse is injected for £400.


By combing the jawline contouring with cheek fillers and you can get some amazing results. The Yorkshire Health and Aesthetics contour package for £1000 has been very popular. This consists of botox, in the jawline, Radiesse filler in the jawline, marionette lines, and cheeks. It pretty much gives the client a face-lift and helps achieve a chiseled look.

Results may vary between individuals and the amount of filler and botulinum toxin will depend on each individual. It may need several appointments to achieve the look desired.

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