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Bridal Aesthetics Consultation

October 9, 2017 - YorkshireHA

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We all know how important it is for you to look good on my wedding day  and have beautiful wedding photographs.  At Yorkshire Health and Aesthetics in Bradford we can offer you a great personalised programme depending on your needs.

Preparation is key and it is to have all the invasive treatments done  at least a  month before the actual day so the remaining weeks are concentrated on hydrating the skin so it will glow on your big day.

 Step 1

Book a consultation– This will give us an idea of what your wanting to achieve. The discussion will include:

  • Whether you require dermal fillers to enhance your look by straightening your nose, plumping up your lips and enhancing those cheek bones.
  • Anti-wrinkle injections to reduce lines.
  • Skincare to achieve amazing skin through microdermabrasion, chemical peels and micro-needling.

Step 2


Dermal fillers can improve the volume-loss in the face through natural ageing and enhance your facial features. We normally recommend have this done 2 months before the big day as it allows you to try the treatment out and see how your face would look with the changes. Any subtle touch-ups can be done a month before which gives it plenty of time for any swelling or bruising to go down.


Optimum effects are after 2 weeks so recommend treatments a month before which will help reduce frown line, wrinkles and gummy smiles. It can also be used for excessive sweating.

Youthful Skin

You have 6 months think microdermabrasion which sloughs of dull skin to reveal taut baby smooth skin. Plan 5-8 treatments over 6- 12 weeks. There is usually no down-time and relatively gentle. If you have rosacea or acne it is generally not recommended.

You have 4 months- Think Micro-needling this is usually good for skin with scars and pitted skin. This process involves putting on numbing cream and using a needling pen make small punctures in the skin which will bring the blood to the surface and repair the skin reducing any scaring and smoothing your complexion. Best to book 3 treatments the last being 6 weeks before the big day.

You have 3 months- think chemical peel such as salicylic acid, glycol acid. It works in the same way as microdermabrasion which is to remove the top tired layer of skin to reveal youthful skin but as a chemical peel. You need to plan this at least 6 weeks before the big day as you don’t want any redness. It usually has a mild burning sensation. It is very good for removing deep acne scars.

In the last month we advise having hydrating facials with mild acids to keep your skin dewy and polished.



The consultations are free and very popular. Family members such as Mother of the bride and sisters  accompanying the bride can also get a quick overview of treatments of what would suit them to help them look amazing on your day.


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